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ETFs Moving Beyond Active

AIM Summit Webinar Series

20 May 2021

Speakers: Eric Pollackov, Giang Bui and Greg Friedman

Eric Pollackov, Global Head of ETF Capital Markets at Invesco ETFs, Giang Bui, Head of US Exchange Traded Products at Nasdaq and Greg Friedman, Head of ETF Management & Strategy at Fidelity Investments discuss:

  • Has there been any slowdown in the paradigm shift from actively managed funds to passive funds following the Covid inspired market volatility?
  • What are the consequences and risks to the securities markets from this growth in passive funds and ETF’s?
  • What does the wealth business look like in the future?
  • Will we continue to see more ETF providers?
  • Is the popularity of ESG investing also likely to see passive and ETF funds gaining inflows over Active?
  • How significant is the trend of ETFs using securities lending to reduce fees and generate Alpha?
  • Will ETFs, Passive trackers and Smart Beta funds continue to compress fees?