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Quencia Open Ended PCC Ltd.


Quencia Capital LLC is a Bermuda based investment advisory firm established in 2017. The firm entered into an agreement with Dalma Capital Management to utilize the company’s investment management platform and incorporated Quencia Capital PCC, a DIFC domiciled fund structured as a protected cell company, in Jan 2018.

Under the umbrella of Quencia Capital PCC, Quencia Saudi Equity PC - the DIFC’s first Saudi focused equity fund - was launched in April 2018 followed by Quencia Shariah Compliant Saudi Equity PC in Jan 2019, with several new products currently under development.

Quencia’s senior team is comprised of ex-colleagues with a long and proven track record working together at a leading regional asset manager. The team has more than 50 years of combined experience managing regional equity investments.

Key Facts


Top-Tier Service Providers

Quencia Shariah Compliant Saudi Equity

Investment Philosophy

The Investment Managers philosophy is largely based on fundamentl analysis through applying a combination of the top down and bottom up approaches to deliver superior risk adjusted returns and achieve sustained outperformance relative to the benchmark/p>

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Independent Research

Developing proprietary views on companies and identifying undiscovered investment opportunities by employing an independent fundamentally based research process offers significant returns

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Stock Selection

Superior stock selection creates superior value. Fucusing on the underlying fundamentals and sustainability of individual business is key for delivering superior risk adjusted returns over the long term

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Active Management

Active management is essential for sustained outperformance over the long term especially in more volatile markets such as our regional markets. Fundamentals should always be the basis for making investment decisions, but technical analysis and factors such as momentum, news flow, and events among others cannot be ignored

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Investment Discipline

Superior investment results are achieved by developing consistency which is only possible through adopting investment discipline


Majed Kabbara Dalma Capital

Majed Kabbara, CFA

Managing Director - Quencia Open Ended PCC Limited
Dr. Nasser H. Saidi

Dr. Nasser H. Saidi

Non Executive Director - Quencia Open Ended PCC Limited