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Mergers & Acquisitions

Mergers Hero

Sell-Side M&A Advisory

Dalma Capital offers a variety of potential engagement options:

  • Full exit of a business, or sale of a majority stake
  • Minority stake sale for growth capital or partial exit
  • Private placement for a minority stake

Our range of sell-side M&A services includes:

  • Guidance on appropriate course of action, i.e. broad vs. narrow, auction vs. bilateral
  • Maximizing competitive tension in the sales process to maximize value
  • Ensuring complete preparedness for running a process with a comprehensive CIM, financial model and data room
  • Identifying and soliciting potential buyers, or generating reverse solicitation
  • Arranging preferential terms from service providers including QoE, audit and legal
  • Facilitating the process and deal structuring to maximize value
  • Arranging marketing documentation, i.e. Teasers, Confidential Investment Memorandum, etc.
  • Business Valuations: guiding the seller in proper appraisement with various methodologies including public and private comparables, DCF and LBO
  • Understanding adjusted EBITDA, identifying add-backs and supporting enhanced quality of earnings analysis
  • Advertising the transaction regionally through our far-reaching network of family offices, institutional investors, private equity and strategics
  • Ensuring appropriate confidentiality throughout the process
  • Identifying strategic value add and accretive valuation support
  • Negotiating complex deal terms and avoiding pitfalls of earn-outs, seller notes, put options, delayed payments and tax optimization
  • Resolving M&A deadlock

We also offer a parallel M&A and IPO process:

  • Pursuing an IPO could be ideally suited for growth financing, partial or full exit depending on the size and sector of the company
  • A parallel process will maximize price tension to give the company and its respective shareholders optionality, offering the ability to elect one market over the other based on which one presents the best liquidity and valuation at that point in time
  • Given our team’s proficiency in M&A and Capital Markets, our clients will benefit from a seamless operation that ensures the optimal outcome

Family-Owned Businesses

Dalma Capital differs from major investment banks in its high-touch and hands-on approach, which is particularly suited to sales of family owned business. Dalma Capital is privately owned by founders and services leading families. We understand the unique needs of family owned business and provide a personalized, value added service for M&A.

  • Additional support and guidance in preparing and compiling due diligence requirements
  • Budget sensitive approach for pre-closing expenditure
  • Use of in-house resources to limit vendor costs
  • Critical understanding of key sensitivities relating to confidentiality, succession and resolving conflicting internal interests
  • Deep understanding of critical operational and financial nuances of family owned/operated businesses
  • Commitment to go the extra mile to get the job done

Buy-Side Acquisition Advisory

Customers looking to acquire a minority or a majority stake in a company can benefit from the services of a buy-side M&A advisor:

  • Identify potential targets based on pre-agreed criteria, and approach them to get results
  • Act as an extension of the in-house corporate development or finance team by delivering a significant part of the work-intensive aspects of the process, including project management, valuation and due diligence
  • Act as a full advisor, representing the buyer in the capacity of financial advisor while working closely alongside other advisors

Our range of buy-side M&A advisory services include:

  • Identification of targets and an development of acquisition strategy
  • Process management and transaction structuring
  • Assistance in due diligence
  • Support in the selection and management of other advisors and service providers