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Blockchain Investments: Charting the Future of Finance

Dalma Capital's tryst with blockchain is neither recent nor casual. Our founder's visionary investment in Bitcoin back in 2011 laid the foundation for a journey that has seen us consistently at the vanguard of this transformative technology.

By 2016, our firm had ventured into institutional blockchain investing via hedge funds, demonstrating an early and resolute commitment to the potential of decentralized ledgers. Our milestones are both varied and significant— from participating in landmark layer 1 investments, including a key syndicate of the 2nd largest ICO in history, to pioneering efforts in security tokenization starting in 2018. Our engagement further extends to both buy-side and sell-side activities with some of the world's preeminent Bitcoin miners, reinforcing our position as a powerhouse in the realm of blockchain investments.

Yet, what truly sets Dalma Capital apart is our institutional approach to the sector. While the allure of blockchain and decentralized finance (DeFi) is undeniable, we've always believed in its inevitable convergence with traditional financial mechanisms. This perspective has allowed us to bridge the worlds of on-chain rules with prudent regulation—a synthesis we believe is critical for the sustained growth and legitimacy of the blockchain space.

This sector, with its dynamic shifts and cyclical nature, demands more than just technological acumen; it requires unparalleled risk management. And we take immense pride in our risk mitigation strategies. These have not only safeguarded our investments but also positioned us to seize the myriad opportunities that the volatile rhythms of this emerging sector present.

At Dalma Capital, blockchain is more than just an investment sector; it's a testament to our commitment to foresight, innovation, and enduring financial growth.

Blockchain Investments: Charting the Future of Finance