Natural Resources: Steering a Balanced Energy Transition

We stand at the cusp of the third energy transition, an evolution characterized by the shift towards cleaner, more sustainable energy sources. Such profound shifts in energy paradigms historically spanned approximately a century, echoing the complex interplay of technology, society, and economics.

In this intricate backdrop, several financial institutions have opted for a precarious "all or nothing" approach towards the energy sector. Such stances, though seemingly rooted in environmental concerns, ironically pose their own brand of unsustainability.

Dalma Capital's perspective is grounded in a more nuanced understanding. We firmly believe that for a truly successful energy transition to unfold, it is indispensable to continue supporting the crucial oil, gas, and mining enterprises that are dedicatedly redefining the industry norms. It's about championing those entities that not only strive for excellence in their operations but also stand out as paragons of ESG practices. These businesses, with their forward-thinking models, are pivotal in bridging the gap between the current energy landscape and a greener future.

It is with this vision that Dalma Capital commits to the capital needs of this indispensable sector. We aim to bolster the endeavors of these businesses, ensuring that the transition to sustainable energy is not just swift, but also well-rounded, progressive, and truly sustainable in the long run.

Natural Resources: Steering a Balanced Energy Transition