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Zachary Cefaratti


Zachary Cefaratti is the principal founder of Dalma Capital, AIM Summit, and a Venture Partner at Draper Associates. He transformed Dalma Capital's role in investment banking, skillfully executing M&As up to ~$500m and managing financings around ~$2bn. Specializing in cross-border transactions, Zachary connects emerging and developed markets. His expertise covers sectors like EdTech, AI, Blockchain, FinTech, and more. He's proficient in various financial structures, with global deal-making experience from the UAE to Latin America.

With over 15 years in finance, Zachary's journey began trading bonds as a child actor and evolved through academic pursuits at institutions like LSE and UPenn. Beyond academia, he identified top-performing portfolio strategies, providing infrastructure to budding funds. He also played foundational roles in the Franklin University Investment Club and the AIMA Middle East Executive Committee. As an early financial enthusiast, his origins trace back to trading assets earned as a child actor.

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