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CoinShares & 3iQ Discuss Bitcoin Exposure Through Exchange Traded Investments

AIM Summit Webinar Series

17 June 2021

Speakers: Daniel Masters and Christopher Matta

In this webinar, Daniel Masters, Executive Chairman of CoinShares & Christopher Matta, President of 3iQ Digital Assets (US) discuss

  • How have crypto ETPs evolved over the past 1-2 years and what is the future for these products?
  • What are the key differentiators between the top bitcoin ETPs and the rest?
  • Why hold a Bitcoin exchange traded product rather than the underlying?
  • What is the size and value of the DeFi space today and how does a decentralized, driverless system create a market environment superior to legacy financial products?
  • Does the current ecosystem of crypto and blockchain participants cover all the bases to effectively replace the traditional banking sector?
  • Will Bitcoin and Ethereum remain as the core of crypto for the foreseeable future?

This webinar was moderated by Zachary Cefaratti, Founder & CEO of Dalma Capital.​