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ESG in Emerging Markets with Mark Mobius

AIM Summit Webinar Series

22 October 2020

Speakers: Mark Mobius and Mervyn Tang

Webinar sponsored by Fitch Ratings.​

Dr. Mark Mobius, Partner at Mobius Capital Partners​ and Mervyn Tang, Senior Director & Global Head of ESG Research at Fitch Ratings discuss:
• State influence is often a more prominent issue in emerging markets – how can an investor manage this?
• What are the opportunities for emerging market investors when it comes to climate change? What is the role of investor activism in this context?
• How to blend more traditional macro considerations in emerging markets (e.g. geopolitics, international trade environment, capital flows) with ESG analysis?

The Q&A session was hosted by Zachary Cefaratti, Founder & CEO at Dalma Capital Management Limited.