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Impact investing expected to soar

DIFC Gate Village Dalma Capital

The world will need investors who are constantly seeking opportunities aimed at advancing sustainability in agriculture and helping to feed millions, according to Peter Rockefeller, board member and vice chairman of Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors and managing director of Brock Capital.


With growth in impact investing and alternative investments expected to soar to $14 trillion by 2023, investors would need to be introduced to the vast array of opportunities that were key to advancing the innovations in technology that might become essential for meeting the food supply of the world population.

They would also need to address the continuous growth in the world’s population and how to increase the production of health foods while using Earth-friendly farming methods.

“This need is matched by opportunities for forward-thinking investors to deploy investment capital in ways that will simultaneously advance sustainability in agriculture and meet the need to feed additional millions, while generating real returns,” Rockefeller said.

The World Economic Forum, at the inaugural AIM Europe Summit in Geneva on 12 June, would also address the opportunities for both impact investors and social entrepreneurs.

According to Dalma Capital, investors were increasingly seeking uncorrelated investment opportunities in the late stages of global asset price cycles.

“Leading institutions and family offices are also increasingly conscious of the impact their investments make on society and the environment, as well as the governance of the firms they invest into – thus a focus on ESG and Impact Investing at the AIM Summit is welcome at its first European Summit,”” Zachary Cefaratti, chief executive of Dalma capital and strategic partners of AIM Summit, said.

According to Dalma Capital, the alternative investments as an asset class would be expected to grow $14 trillion by 2023.
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