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Dalma Capital

Here at Dalma Capital, we aspire to provide a great service. Our research pulls together the ideas of our greatest minds. By utilising our ambition and passion, we are creating exceptional results, results that are worth talking about. But don't just take our word for it, read about it here.

The Shifting Dynamics in Corporate Japan


AIM Summit Webinar Series

12 Nov 2020

Speakers: Henny Sender, John Trammell and Alicia Ogawa

Henny Sender, Chief Correspondent at…

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AIM Summit

DeFi Revolution with Joseph Lubin of Ethereum & ConsenSys


AIM Summit Webinar Series

5 November 2020

Speakers: Joseph Lubin

Webinar sponsored by

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Alert: Dalma Capital Impersonated in Fake Website

Dalma Capital Management Limited alerts the financial services community and members of the public about an apparently fraudulent scheme in which Dalma Capital is being impersonated without any…

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AIM Summit

US Elections 2020: Macro Traders Playbook


AIM Summit Webinar Series

24 October2020

Speakers:Ben Melkman and Mitesh Parikh

Ben Melkman, Founder, CEO & CIO of…

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AIM Summit

ESG in Emerging Markets with Mark Mobius


AIM Summit Webinar Series

22 October 2020

Speakers: Mark Mobius and Mervyn Tang

Webinar sponsored by…

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US Elections: The K-Shaped Recovery & Expected Inflation


AIM Summit Webinar Series

18 Oct 2021

Speakers: Steen Jakobsen and John Hardy

Saxo Bank's Chief Investment Officer, Steen Jakobsen and Head of FX Strategy, John Hardy…

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Global Investment Landscape Heading for a Reset


AIM Summit Webinar Series

13 Oct 2020

Speakers: Sir Christopher Pissarides and Andreas Matsas

Sir Christopher Pissarides who today chairs the Committee on Greek…

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The $30 Trillion Funding Gap for the Third Energy Transition


AIM Summit Webinar Series

8 Oct 2020

Speakers: José María Aznar, Zachary Cefaratti and Cantor Fitzgerald

President José María Aznar, Former Prime Minister of the…

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Is Active Management Back?


AIM Summit Webinar Series

6 Oct 2020

Speakers: Kier Boley, Zachary Cefaratti and Pascale Wazen-Palpied

Kier Boley - Co-Head & CIO of Alternative Investment…

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