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Dalma Capital

Here at Dalma Capital, we aspire to provide a great service. Our research pulls together the ideas of our greatest minds. By utilising our ambition and passion, we are creating exceptional results, results that are worth talking about. But don't just take our word for it, read about it here.

The Bitcoin Fund Arrives in Dubai


AIM Summit Webinar Series

8 July 2021

Speakers: Fred Pye and Zachary Cefaratti

In this fireside chat, Fred Pye, Chairman & CEO of 3iQ &…

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How Fintech is Democratising Finance


AIM Summit Webinar Series

1 July 2021

Speakers: Steen Jakobsen, Manmeet Singh and Stanislav Kostyukhin

Steen Jakobsen, Chief Investment Officer at…

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Nasdaq Dubai welcomes the dual-listing of 3iQ’s ‘The Bitcoin Fund’, the first listed digital asset-based fund in MENA


The Fund, from Canada's largest digital asset manager, enables investors to trade its units within a highly regulated and transparent exchange environment

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CoinShares & 3iQ Discuss Bitcoin Exposure Through Exchange Traded Investments


AIM Summit Webinar Series

17 June 2021

Speakers: Daniel Masters and Christopher Matta

In this webinar, Daniel Masters, Executive Chairman of…

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M&A - Emerging & Frontier Markets


AIM Summit Webinar Series

11 June 2021

Speakers: William Reichert and Jad Ellawn

William Reichert, Partner at…

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Blockchain: Propelling Opportunities in Cross-border Payments


AIM Summit Webinar Series

24 March 2021

Speakers: Mrinal Manohar, Saeed Hareb Darmaki and Alon Goren

Mrinal Manohar, CEO & Co-Founder of CasperLabs, Saeed Hareb…

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Financial, Economic & Social Trends As We Emerge from the Pandemic


AIM Summit Webinar Series

18 May 2021

Speakers: H.S.H Prince Michael of Liechtenstein and David Gibson-Moore

In this webinar, H.S.H Prince Michael of Liechtenstein,…

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Crypto Assets for Wealth Management, Retirement & Private Banking Portfolios


AIM Summit Webinar Series

6 May 2021

Speakers: Steen Jakobsen, Manmeet Singh and Stanislav Kostyukhin

In this webinar, Jack Tatar, co-author of “Cryptoassets: The…

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Tyler Winklevoss Discusses Crypto & Capital Markets with 3iQ


AIM Summit Webinar Series

28 April 2021

Speakers: Tyler Winklevoss, Fred Pye and Zachary Cefaratti

In this webinar, Tyler Winklevoss, Co-Founder & CEO of…

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